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Double Taxation Advisory

The ever-changing landscape of the tax and regulatory environment continually challenges large and growing businesses, particularly those operating internationally.

The bottom-line of your business will be significantly impacted by how this challenge is met. The more your business grows, the more complex tax requirements can become.

As businesses grow and explore international opportunities, they encounter many different taxes and the risk of double taxation.

GKM’s international tax advisors will explain the tax options open to you and help you set up the most appropriate business vehicles and structures.

GKM has helped many clients minimize tax on their overseas earnings and profit. Our efficient network of tax & compliance professionals keep abreast of global tax and accounting issues and benefit clients who do business around the globe.

GKM offers the following niche service to all clients

Preparation of Dual tax returns and related services under the
Indo-US Double Taxation Avoidance agreement

  • Double Taxation Advisory
  • Advance rulings to lend an element of certainty to non-resident investors in their proposed transactions in India
  • Advisory services for maximizing deductions / rebates / exemptions under the tax laws
  • Personal investment strategy for optimum tax efficiency
  • Claiming foreign tax credit on dual income returns
  • Salary structuring to maximize tax benefits
  • Tax Return Preparation in India & the US