What sets GKM apart from other service sourcing firms?

  • GKM is promoted by Chartered Accountants and CPAs who have public accounting experience of more than two decades.
  • We understand your requirements and expectations better than anyone else.
  • Our USP is two fold: Help clients cut costs and improve bottom lines. Lighten their low value work load so that they can put more efforts into high value added work. This would translate into growth and stability in the long run both for us and for our clients.
  • Our bookkeeper’s training and performance is our responsibility. We can also, when necessary, provide additional resources at short notice. No two practices are alike. While the client base might be uniform, each CPA has his or her own unique way of doing things and achieving goals. We at GKM adapt to these expectations through training and documentation. The “one size fits all” rule cannot be applied to this business – accounting principles may be the same the world over but the way things are done differ and our success can be attributed to our ability to adapt to this requirement.