Accounting and Write-ups

Outsourcing frees up businesses to off-load non–core, yet vital areas of its administration on companies specializing in that area.

There are always financial and tax issues, employee benefits and insurance concerns, technology challenges, and numerous other business problems which hinder you from focusing on core business. More and more companies are discovering that vital but non-core business functions such as receivables management are best managed by partnering with an experienced sourcing provider like GKM.

Benefits you can derive out of opting for GKM’s book keeping services:

  • Certified, trained & dedicated virtual accounting workforce
  • Flexibility to focus on core business
  • State-of-the-art technology & industry-benchmarked best practices at affordable rates
  • Improved efficiency with quick TAT & quality standards
  • Reduced administrative & operating costs
  • Greater focus on compliance through standardized processes and methodologies

GKM provides a complete range of bookkeeping services with its team of experienced CPAs, CAs and skilled accounting managers. With its team of experts ready to service your bookkeeping needs at all levels, GKM ensures your outsourcing experience is truly rewarding.

We use a variety of accounting software such as Quick Books, Sage, Peach Tree, Creative Solutions, MYOB and others. If there is any other software that you want us to use, our staff will learn it within a short time and begin using it.

In short, GKM delivers a proven and cost effective way to free you to concentrate your resources and time on what you do best—growing your business.? When factoring in expenditure like salary, mediclaim, payroll taxes, paid time off, and other benefits for an in-house bookkeeper, you can understand the cost benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping for your accounting business.

Contact GKM today to see how outsourced accounting services will benefit your business.