Tax Return Preparation

Are you a CPA / EA looking for a service provider to help during the tax season? Outsourcing your tax preparation services to GKM helps you maintain control while the return is put through a robust two tier review process with high quality, accuracy, decreased costs and considerable ease.

GKM’s staff are trained to prepare high-quality returns on the same tax software you use on par with what your firm produces. You need not change any of your engagement rules to fit our process. You can retain the final review and return filing tasks so your clients still remain under your care. The net effect is a much greater business volume with tax returns getting delivered to your clients much faster and revenues flowing in even faster. Increased satisfaction will make your clients spread your service by word of mouth publicity attracting even more business for you.

Your successful partnership with GKM will increase productivity & profitability by freeing up your firm’s talent to focus on higher value client services and achieve a better work-life balance. A lot of your time can be well spent to seek out additional clients and re-focus on your core business.

Operating costs for tax preparation services are on the rise, and more & more companies are outsourcing their tax return preparation services to minimize costs, maximize profits & gain the competitive advantage.

GKM’s experienced tax team can prepare returns while your in-house staff focuses on review, coaching and consulting, audit, and other higher value services. GKM can prepare corporate, partnership, fiduciary and individual tax returns – both domestically and internationally. Outsourcing thus helps stabilize otherwise volatile staffing constraints by enabling firms to better utilize staff throughout the year.

You can also realize significant cost savings due to our competitive pricing, helping you boost profit margins. Secondly, outsourcing allows you to meet workload demands during busy season without adding staff that will sit idle during the slower months.

Outsourced Tax Return Preparation Services

GKM provides the following tax return preparation services:

  • Individuals – Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR
  • Partnerships – Form 1065
  • Fiduciaries – Form 1041
  • Companies & Corporations – Form 1120 & 1120S
  • Charities & Non-Profits – Form 990
  • Estate & Gift Taxes – Form 706
Tax Return Preparation Software

  • ProSeries
  • Lacerte
  • Drake
  • Ultra Tax
  • Turbo Tax
  • ATX
  • Pro Systems FX
  • TaxWorks
  • TaxWise
  • Any other tax software
Our outsourced tax preparation services include:

  • Arrangement of Source Documents in Digital File Cabinet / Client Portal
  • Tax Calculation Worksheets
  • Entry of tax data into tax software
  • Preparation of draft tax returns
  • Review of processed returns

We help you achieve Tax season compliance with multi-level support from our processing back-office.

Our outsourced Tax Preparation Services are supervised by CPAs & Chartered Accountants at our offices.

What GKM needs for Tax Return Preparation?

Get in touch with GKM now for a no-frills attached pilot of its tax return preparation services. Engage us only if you are completely satisfied. We are sure you will!