The Dirty Dozen

Dirty Dozen

Every year the IRS lists out the most aggressive scams of the year under its “Dirty Dozen” list. This list highlights various phishing and other scams that taxpayers might encounter. The current IRS list includes the following scams: Phishing: At the top fo the list is Phishing – fake e-mails/websites that try to steal personal […]

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Enhance your workflow with client portals

client portal

As cloud applications continue to grow at a lightning pace, the word “cloud” finds itself in nearly every conversation regarding technology advancements and improved business efficiency. Virtually every business today is leveraging cloud-based services in some shape or form, including having a customer-facing website and using online banking. It is important to understand how your […]

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When are social security benefits taxable?

social security benefits

A portion of your social security benefits may be subject to income tax if your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), plus one-half your Social Security benefits, exceeds specific limits. Your MAGI equals adjusted gross income (or the adjusted gross income of you and your spouse if married and filing jointly), including wages, interest, dividends, taxable […]

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