Trim the fat off your workflow

Firms are offering clients full-scale business advisory services that allow them to switch to more efficient business processes. As a trusted advisor to clients, practitioners also need to lead by example by operating at peak efficiency in their own practices. Process improvement will help create the infrastructure necessary for the firm’s long-term success. Let’s see […]

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Enhance your workflow with client portals

client portal

As cloud applications continue to grow at a lightning pace, the word “cloud” finds itself in nearly every conversation regarding technology advancements and improved business efficiency. Virtually every business today is leveraging cloud-based services in some shape or form, including having a customer-facing website and using online banking. It is important to understand how your […]

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Managing offline clients

offline clients

In recent years, the accounting profession has seen the transition of business data and applications from traditional paper-based models to cloud-based digital platforms. Hosting information and software in a virtual environment helps save costs and improve overall productivity. Accounting technology came in the form of desktop applications, moved on to networking, and now, it is […]

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