About Us

GKM provides quality bookkeeping, tax preparation, accounting and payroll processing services to accounting firms, CPAs and tax preparers in the US.

GKM was established by a team of professionals with several years of industry experience in bookkeeping, taxation, payroll and consulting. GKM’s team includes dedicated and experienced Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Accountants and senior management graduates whose specializations blend perfectly to meet exact client requirements.

Partnering with GKM allows accounting firms to handle the increase in workloads during the tax season within a variable cost model without adding fixed personnel costs. With GKM’s competitive pricing advantage and dedicated resources, you will be able to manage your business effectively.

As a business owner / accountant, you will know the more time you spend on organizing non-value-creating paperwork, the more your business is hurt. Your time would be better invested in business building and marketing activities.

How can GKM help?

  • Independent unbiased processing so you are in control
  • Documents stored on secure online data transfer portal
  • Best in class processing information – you will always know how much time and efforts
    are required to process your files
  • Timely business decisions based on accurate reports we provide
  • Give more time to clients, build on the relationships and get higher value added business
  • Pay only for productive work – if we take more time than agreed, you do not pay for it
  • Your high cost employees can become your new profit centers instead of
    remaining non-profitable data processing cost centers.