Accounting and Write-ups: GKM

Sourcing frees up businesses by allowing them to off-load non–core, yet vital areas of administration to companies specializing in that area. Small business accounting is a specific area where GKM can be of immense help. More and more CPA firms are discovering that vital but non-core/non-value add functions such as small business accounting are best managed by partnering with an experienced sourcing provider like GKM. Firms may source these services while still retaining the ability to review the end product.

GKM provides a complete range of affordable accounting services with its team of experienced CPAs, CAs, and skilled accounting managers. With its team of experts ready to service your accounting at all levels, GKM ensures your sourcing experience is truly rewarding.

GKM also provides financial analysis services. Financial planning and analysis are areas of core competence. Our team prepares and provides financial analysis reports based on CPAs requirements.

Contact GKM today to see how our affordable accounting and compilation services will benefit your business.

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