GKM makes your decision making process simplified

with its two-tier bookkeeping engagement model

Full-time employee resource

The bookkeeping plan strongly recommended by our clients is a full-time employee, where a dedicated resource will be available for 160 hours a month. The highlights of this plan being guaranteed quality, efficiency and the option to cancel the agreement with one month’s notice in the unlikely scenario that you are not satisfied with the services.

Part-time employee resource

Depending upon the volume of work you plan to outsource, you can also opt to start with a part-time resource at 80 hours a month.

You can rest assured that you pay only for the actual work done, with the onus on hiring, training and effective deployment of resources, all with GKM. We assure you that your business will attract more top-tier talent, who can be utilized for core business building tasks instead of the routine non-core work.

For tax return preparation, we charge on a ‘per-return’ basis depending on the level of difficulty of the return. State return is also included.

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The tax returns are prepared by GKM and billed on a ‘per-return’ basis depending on the
level of difficulty of the return.

You are assured of top notch quality and superior turnaround times. Feel empowered to
take on more tax work season-after-season without any fear of running short of resources!

Let your tax season be stress-free. Concentrate on providing higher-end tax services for your valued clients,
which GKM takes care of the return preparation! Imagine all of this with substantial savings, reduced
fixed expenses, and swifter turnarounds, delighting your client!

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