Budgeting for small business

budgeting for small business

Budgeting for small business might seem an overtly complex exercise for some business owners. However, there are no hidden demons in budgeting if a realistic estimate of spending is made possible and priorities clearly established. A few common budgeting for small business pitfalls to avoid are listed below for a better understanding and utilization of the […]

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IRS tips for employers outsourcing payroll

outsourcing payroll

Outsourcing payroll duties to third-party service providers can streamline business operations, but the IRS reminds employers that they are ultimately responsible for paying federal tax liabilities. Recent prosecutions of individuals and companies who – acting under the guise of a payroll service provider – have stolen funds intended for payment of employment taxes makes it […]

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Embrace accounting to ride out the recession!


Due to the global economic turmoil, individuals and businesses need highly reliable information that takes all of the latest data and trends into account. CPAs are increasingly required to assist in meeting the ever-evolving global financial challenges. With a fast-changing environment contributing to a complex reporting & record-keeping requirement, capable accountants with up-to-date knowledge of […]

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Choose the right professional for your tax preparation!

tax preparation

Tax laws keep changing every year, and they are so complex that the process of claiming any savings on offer is itself more trouble than its worth. You have decided on hired help for tax filing. The helping hand is required to be professionally trained and accredited, and trustworthy. You are ultimately responsible for your […]

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