How outsourcing can help address seasonal challenges faced by accounting firms

Tax season can be stressful and challenging for accountants and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), as they contend with tight deadlines, increasingly complex regulations and high client expectations. Outsourcing can prove to be an effective partner for firms to address the challenges. This allows accountants to focus on enhanced service quality & delivery while managing the […]

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US Tax Deadlines 2020 for 2019 Tax Year

us tax deadlines

Today’s blog post provides the various deadlines and dates applicable in 2020 with respect to the 2019 tax year. Dates are included for individuals, corporations, C-Corps and S-Corps, Partnerships and trusts. Individual deadlines cover resident aliens, citizens of USA, citizens living abroad –expats and non –resident alien filers in USA. Individual tax payers have a […]

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What is the FATCA Compliance Act?

Foreign Bank Account Reporting

The IRS has over the last few years strengthened implementation of reporting requirements for foreign financial assets held by US citizens/residents. While the FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Reporting) rule has been in force since 1972, FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) was enacted in 2010 to enforce United States Persons living in the US and […]

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7 ways to effectively protect your finances

How best you handle major unforeseen expenses, health issues, job cuts etc in the future depends on your financial preparation today. This article provides some tips on securing your finances, and determining the strategies that work best for you. Safeguard your finances with an emergency fund: Creation of an emergency fund is the best way […]

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Choose the right professional for your tax preparation!

tax preparation

Tax laws keep changing every year, and they are so complex that the process of claiming any savings on offer is itself more trouble than its worth. You have decided on hired help for tax filing. The helping hand is required to be professionally trained and accredited, and trustworthy. You are ultimately responsible for your […]

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