Appropriate business entities for your business

business entities

Entrepreneurs can generally choose from different business entities when incorporating their business. However, due to the fluid nature of businesses, the advantages and disadvantages are not always clear at the time of formation. Limited liability companies and corporations are the two most typically attractive business entities for small businesses considering incorporation. Unlike sole proprietorships and […]

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Should a partner to be treated as an employee?

partner to be treated as an employee

In today’s business environment, where many businesses find they cannot retain key employees without offering equity interests in the businesses, partnerships often grant employees interests in the company. Even a very small partnership interest, however, can cause the employee to be treated as a partner, not an employee, for federal tax purposes, while the partnership […]

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Estate planning – differences between generations

estate planning

Generally, when planning one’s estate and organizing personal affairs, two things come to mind — death and taxes. Organizing one’s affairs for prior generations was simpler, as assets were generally easier to discern, locate, value and distribute. Today’s estate planning is not just about death and taxes, but includes protection of one’s assets from the […]

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